Life on the Water

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

When people ask if there is any place in the world I would want to live, I always say “somewhere in the mountains”. Whether it be the scenic lands in Montana or the prairies in Wisconsin; I imagine myself living a peaceful life with my family in the mountains near a beautiful lake. Being on the water brings so many people tranquility almost like an escape from reality. In my opinion, the water enables people to quit their stressful lives for a small period of time and admire the beauty of nature that people tend to glance over.

I love to soak up the sun rays and cruise around the water when I am on boats with my family or friends. I also love feeling the crisp cool air while I kayak through the valleys in the north. best times on the water are always shared with me and a comfy kayak. Although boating is relaxing, there is one small difference that makes a major change in how I feel on the water. Instead of being propped above water, a kayak eliminates any distance from nature. Sitting directly on top of the water paddling at your own pace and seeing various fish within reaching distance or go very fast after boat using wakeboard tower is an amazing feeling.

When I am kayaking I feel a sense of limitless adventure. Not knowing what is around the next turn, or what is going to come out of the treeline and even what wanders below the mysterious waters is a unique feeling. This is the time where I am completely vulnerable to mother nature and explore wherever the tide takes me to.

Although the journey kayaking may bring to people is full of excitement it gives plenty of time to reflect on life and think. Going out on the water is a perfect opportunity to recuperate after a stressful week or to recharge for a long week. Hearing the water is very soothing. In fact, it is clinically proven that being on the water contributes to stress reduction in a matter of weeks. That’s probably why it is so easy to fall asleep to the sound of a waterfall or rainfall.
A big benefit to kayaking I enjoy is strengthening my core muscles as well as toning my arms.
Plus, kayaking or riding water bike on a regular basis gives a drastic benefit to the cardiovascular system and heart health. Kayaking is so enjoyable I do not view it as a workout. I am very fitness driven and always encourage people to find at least one activity they enjoy that can be their weekly exercise. When I recommend kayaking people are always so shocked to hear that paddling on the water is an exercise and not just a leisure activity.

Being able to spend some time on the water with my kayak is truly a blessing. ability to be connected to mother nature really does recharge the soul in the purest form. Life on the water is the epitome of stress-free. Everyone should experience being on the water in some way. More appreciation for Earth is obtained through spending time on the water. is a source where the post Life on the Water appeared first.

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