How to make kayaking on a local river awesome

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Last Updated June 1, 2023

Imagine a beautiful, sunny summer day, no work to go to and being able to spend the whole day with family. Personally, that is my idea of the perfect day and the perfect activity I could do that day is go kayaking with my mom on a local river. Kayaking, for me, is that “me time” that I rarely get to have. Its time to connect with nature and be with a loved one.

It is time to forget about everything that’s waiting for you at home and let all your thoughts go and enjoy yourself. I like spending my time kayaking for those reasons especially because I have modern lightweight oars and comfortable seat cushion. It is very simple to paddle and get a little vitamin D from the sun is just a plus on top of all of that. Plus, it is such a diverse thing to do, because you do not have to kayak on the same river every time, you can go to a lake and other bodies of water all over the world. Kayaking for me is fun because I have time to think and have inspiration if I am writing something and don’t have a topic. There can be so many reasons that someone finds kayaking fun.

How to make kayaking on a local river awesome

Some of my best memories had happened when I went on a spur of the moment kayaking trip and just let loose and have fun. When I go kayaking, I also know that I am getting an excellent workout in without even noticing. This is why I enjoy it as well because it is beneficial for my health and I do not even realize it until it hits me the day after. I think I would also find kayaking fun and helpful when I go alone because it gives you time to think. You do not think about anything but following a body of water for miles which gives me so much time to think about things weighing heavy on my heart or as simple as thinking about the upcoming week. One of my most fun memories going on a kayaking trip is when I was traveling. We decided to go last minute, and it allowed us to see parts of the country that we would not have seen just walking around a touristy town.

That made the trip more enjoyable because kayaking was available. If I were able to share my passion and liking if kayaking to many people and explain why it is such an amazing activity, I most definitely would. I think that everyone should go kayaking at least once in their life to experience it. Overall, I enjoy kayaking because I can connect with friends or family in such a simple yet fun outdoor activity.

I also have the opportunity to connect more with nature and explore things that are not able to be seen if I was merely walking around the town. It is an even bigger plus that it is such a great aerobic exercise and you can lose a lot of calories by following a couple of mile kayaking river nearby your house or far in a travel destination. is a source where the post How to make kayaking on a local river awesome appeared first.

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