Exterior Blue Lights under bedroom slide stopped working on Reflection 337RLS

Questions from VisitorsExterior Blue Lights under bedroom slide stopped working on Reflection 337RLS
Guest Staff asked 1 year ago

Our next-generation fifth wheel, the Reflection 337RLS, has been delivered. The blue light under the bedroom slide stopped working after a few trips. I removed the floor beneath the bed storage bin and found that the Wago connector had been displaced by the bed slide out frame. I’m attaching photos in hopes of assisting others who may encounter a similar problem, since it appears to have happened to me again. So far, everything is going well.

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Guest Staff answered 12 months ago

We’ve been RVing for about 15 years and have owned a number of different RVs, including a Class A motorhome and a travel trailer. When we decided to downsize from our Class A, we started researching fifth wheels and quickly fell in love with the Reflection design. We ordered ours in May and are very excited to take it out on its maiden voyage. We’ll be heading to the Smoky Mountains for our first trip.

Guest Staff answered 1 year ago

There could be a few reasons why the exterior blue lights under the bedroom slide stopped working. One possible reason is that a wire may have come loose or the light itself may have gone out. If it’s a wire issue, it can usually be fixed by simply re-connecting the wire. If the light itself has gone out, then it will need to be replaced. Another potential reason for this problem is that the light may have been damaged during transit or while in use. In any case, if the blue lights stop working on your Reflection fifth wheel, you can troubleshoot the issue by checking the wiring and/or replacing the light.