How I find peace being alone just with my kayak

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Last Updated January 1, 2023

Growing up in Hilton Head Island South Carolina, the culture of boating, kayaking and
canoeing is something most locals know very well. The location of my house is off the may river,
which is an intercoastal waterway connecting to the atlantic ocean, but ever since I was little we
would go out in our kayaks or our boat and spend the weekends on the water. A local thing we
do is go to the sandbar, which is where at low tide a section of sand is exposed almost like a
mini island in the middle of the may river. Every saturday no matter how hot or cold there is
always at least 20 boats anchored at the sandbar. My favorite water activity is to simply watch
the tide charts, and at the brink of hightide is to take my blue kayak out on the water. The
reason I like to do this is because it’s a time where I can be still and just enjoy myself in

What I mean by this is just, enjoy my own company without any distractions or people
annoying me. My favorite time to go out is in the morning from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock, because
it’s not too hot yet but it’s still warm enough to enjoy the water. So, when I notice the tide coming
in I will go to our under the stairs storage area, pull my kayak out, wash it off any spider webs
or pollen, drain the water, put a towel on the chair, and then I pull it to where I can put it into the
river. That’s my routine, but on days where it’s really hot weather, I will pack a small bag of
lunch and put some tunes on the speaker and head out.

I usually try to kayak a few miles depending on my day, sometimes it’s a mile, and sometimes it’s 5 miles. As mentioned earlier,
the reason I like to spend this time by myself isn’t because I’m antisocial or introverted, but I
noticed if I have my alone time and enjoy it, I can enjoy my time better with friends. I also see it
as a time I can just spend in peace with God. I love doing quiet times in my bible , but usually at
home there is so much happening I get distracted. Here it’s just God and me, in his creation. I
love the thought of the stillness in the water, the fish below, and all the small things that make
God’s creation so amazing. Growing up in a marsh and Lowcountry community, the ocean is
one of the best ways to cure boredom.

Whenever we are bored, simply check the tides, for
surfing, boating or kayaking, and you have your boredom cured. Something I have more
recently discovered while kayaking, was these mussels and oyster beds in one of the creeks
about half a mile down from my house. At first I picked about two dozen mussels, to try and
cook them, and now every few weeks I will get a dozen or so. The best way to cook them is
through steaming with soul food seasoning. The oyster bed that’s on the creek where we live,
has grown tremendously, because we always make sure to replace the shells when we are
done. Kayaking gives me an outlet to just explore nature, find natural foods like mussels,
oysters, and blue crabs, and just enjoy being alone. is a source where the post How I find peace being alone just with my kayak appeared first.

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  1. Thanks to Mikayla Kelca from Hilton Head Christian Academy, South Carolina, USA

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