5 Tips How to Choose Pool Pavers and Pool Coping

It is a daily question for us to hear — what is the best stone to use for pool and pool coping. Dealing with poor builders, architects, designers, we have […]

How to Coil Marine Rope Correctly

Today we’re going to talk about how to coil marine rope correctly. If you have three strand rope which is the traditional dock line and you’ll see on traditional vessels, […]

How To Lower the Jeep Wrangler’s Soft Top

If you’d like to lower your Jeep’s soft top you must first remove the rear window and then the quarter windows. To remove the rear window, open the swing gate. […]

How to Crawl Drop in Skimboarding

  How to Crawl Drop Crawl Drop aka Monkey Crawl, is a rather unique way to approach getting on your skimboard. It requires that you bend down to the surface […]

How to Row a Boat/Canoe

Give yourself a push away from the dock. Put your oar in the oar lock on both sides. When you’re rowing in a rowboat, you will row backward, meaning your […]

How to Inflate an Inflatable Boat

Today you’re going to learn how to inflate your inflatable boat, dinghy or raft and set up the aluminum floorboards inside. Make sure that if you’re working on a rough […]

Kayak Safty Tips — Equipment Checklist

  BEFORE YOU LAUNCH Always make sure you have: Kayak in good condition Sturdy paddle Paddle leash or tether Lifejacket and whistle Suitable clothing Water bottle Sun hat and sunscreen […]

Types of Boats and Bords

There are three types of boats and bords — canoe, kayak, SUP or paddleboard: Types of kayaks:

Kayak Manufacturers (Companies)

There are too many kayak makers to mention in this article One of the common kayak makers are P&H kayakers. They make specialty kayaks. There are several other kayak makers […]

How to Make a Birch Bark Canoe

it’s not a very exciting building outside, kind of a disused warehouse in the middle of an industrial estate but inside that building is one of the greatest treasures of […]

How to Paddle a Tandem Canoe

№1 — Each person paddles on one side. №2 — Both paddle on the opposite side of the direction that they want to turn. №3 — person in the aft […]

Explaining my trolling motor canoe (p.2)

So regardless though that’s kind of my gist. And I mean like if you’re going full boar and you wanna turn this thing we can get turning pretty good. So […]

Explaining my trolling motor canoe

So what’s my set up here? First of all this is a 17-foot canoe, and the reason I want to make this post is there really isn’t a lot of […]

How Not to Turn Over in Canoe

Keep your strokes as close to the canoe as possible without scraping the hull. This will minimize your side-to-side drift. Once the forward motion ends, the paddler rotates the paddle […]

How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors — (p.2)

Part 1 If you have a sit inside kayak, it might be good investment, some type of hatch cover or just make sure you’re keeping that area with some type […]

How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors

Remember, think about your car. Does your car stay outside in the sun a lot? Think about the plastic, so the bumpers and plastic trim. You often see that kind […]


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