Did you know that kayaking can benefit your mental health?

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated January 1, 2023

It can clear your mind of negative thoughts and can also increase feelings of self-worth, confidence, and affect your mood. Who would’ve thought, just a little boat and a paddle? But I can attest to this.

My first time kayaking was in Fairbanks, Alaska and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. I went on vacation with my family there, and we ended up staying in this log cabin and behind it was a lake and some inflatable SUPs and kayaks, so we grabbed whatever was there, I picked the kayak, and we went in the water. The lake stretched pretty far and the view was breathtaking, just mountains alongside the lake covered, in snow. It was my first time, so I had some trouble with the paddle but you pick up on how to do it pretty easily. I enjoyed it very much, the fresh air, the beautiful view and it is just very relaxing and you’re getting benefits as far as it is a form of exercise, but it definitely doesn’t feel like one, don’t get me wrong though, paddling through the water is not exactly challenging but it does test your arm and core strength. But most of all, it was the most peaceful I have ever been. All you could hear was the sounds of nature and the sound of the paddle gliding through the water. It definitely made me appreciate nature a lot more and made me open up to trying other water sports. Kayaking is definitely something you can do for a while without getting bored. It was also a good bonding time for the family and when you’re in the water, time just stands still and it’s an indescribable feeling of freedom. You just feel like you’re somewhere out of this world, especially where I was, I was by the mountains so there was no service and it was good to just disconnect from the world and just be with family while doing something fun like kayaking and it’s just the idea of being your own propulsion, having control and going in your own direction and going where you want to go.
Overall, Kayaking was very relaxing and it’s something that I would do anytime if I got the chance and it’s definitely something I would do to feel better if I was stressed or upset or just to clear my head and it could also be a good source of laughter if you see someone fall out, which is what happened to my brother, and we all got a good laugh out of that. Kayaking is a good way to make an unforgettable memory and it’s always something you can scratch off your bucket list. Kayaking can be good for mental and physical health. You can choose to do it as an exercise or something to just open your mind and relax you. Personally, I like to go kayaking to spend time with my family and get that little boost and realize what’s important and not to take life so seriously.

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