My day of kayaking

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Last Updated March 1, 2023

I like to spend time in my Kayak because I like to feel calm and at peace. Especially by myself it is calming to row down the river and just look at the beautiful world we all live in. I love to look at the green trees and how they twist and turn. I love to look at how the water ripples and moves with the wind and my Kayak disturbing the top of the water when I move. The lake where I go there are turtles that sit on rocks and sunbathe. I love to go watch them and think about how unbothered they are by the people in the river. Sometimes I see fish swim to the top and make the water ripple.

And I love watching the ducks swim together in a row. I have always loved nature and watching it in its own habitat makes me feel so calm and happy. Being on the lake brings me so much joy and watching the water makes me feel alive. I enjoy closing my eyes and raising my head to the sun. The sun makes me feel human and happy. I could row for hours in my kayak, just watching nature.

If I am with friends or family, I like to play music and go down the river. Racing our kayak’s is the most fun and always brings smiles to everyone’s face. I feel like the water always makes people happier for some reason. You can forget about your problems and just enjoy the outdoors and have fun. Going kayaking is one of my favourite things to do when being outside.

I love being in nature and seeing all the vibrant colors like green, blue, pink, yellow, orange and more. Being in nature is the best thing to get your mind off stuff and paddling down the river looking at nature is even better. Being in a kayak also helps with family bonding.

My family always loved to have a family bonding day on the river in our kayaks. Whenever my grandparents come into town, we always take them down to the river and go kayaking with them. I love to kayak with my family because they bring so much light into my life and I am glad I get to enjoy something I love doing with them. Our whole family owns kayaks, so it is always a busy yet fun trip to the fiver. I Like to spend time in my kayak because how being in the water looking at all the nature around me makes me feel. I love how I can experience and make new memories with my family and friends in my kayak. Overall, I like spending time in my kayak because it brings me closer to the earth and helps me appreciate all this world gives to us. Because without it we would not be living, and I am so grateful for how beautiful and amazing all the creatures and plants we have living on this earth are with us. is a source where the post My day of kayaking appeared first.

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