Approximate Time and Cost for Building the Ulua

amount of time that it takes to complete a sailing Ulua is widely variable and reflects the personal standards and skill of the individual builder. Getting started can seem slow, with little to look at that resembles a canoe, but once planking commences, the hull will take shape rapidly.

average time to set up, plank and fiberglass a bare hull is about 100 hours. total time to complete a ready-to-sail Ulua is a minimum of 300 hours.

minimum cost of materials is about U.S.$1,200. Half of this amount is for the epoxy resin and fiberglass. sailing rig can be homemade with a plastic tarp sail and a used Windsurfer mast for a very low cost, or you can have a sailmaker pro-vide a sail for a few hundred dollars more.

Outrigger sailing canoes will perform exceptionally well without expensive materials or hardware.