3 Best Small Travel Portable Camping Folding Cot Beds

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Camping cots are an awesome piece of gear to own. Sometimes it’s necessary to get off the ground when doing overnights in the wilderness. There are options here for both car campers and minimalist backpackers. Whatever your camping style, read on to find the product that’s right for you. Nothing beats a night under the stars, but rocky or uneven ground can wreck what should be a great night’s sleep. Fortunately, you can take easily camp comfort to the next level if you spend the night on top of a folding camping cot. Small travel portable camping cots give you a level surface to sleep on, no matter how many roots or rocks are under your tent. They keep you up above any creepy crawlers, which is a big bonus if you happen to be camping in an area that is home to poisonous snakes, and cots are useful far beyond the campsite, giving overnight guests their own sleeping space even in the most crowded house without taking up a bunch of room when not in use. If you’re backpacking, what you take with you is limited by what you can carry. But if you’re setting up a semi-permanent spike camp or car camping you can afford to pack along a few luxuries, and perhaps no single item adds more luxury to a backcountry experience than a cot, adding comfort by getting you up off the ground. The best of folding camping cots give you a night’s rest that rivals your bed at home.

TOP Folding Cots Comparison Table

❑1. Compact Small Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot for Outdoor Travel [Marchway]+
❑2. Easy to Assemble Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot [Byer of Maine]+
❑3. Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot with Foam Mattress [Coleman]+

1. The Best Compact Small Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot for Outdoor Travel [Marchway]

Compact Small Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot for Outdoor Travel [Marchway] Picture

2. The Best Easy to Assemble Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot [Byer of Maine]

Easy to Assemble Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot [Byer of Maine] Picture

3. The Best Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot with Foam Mattress [Coleman]

Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot with Foam Mattress [Coleman] Picture


Think of how you’ll transport your travel portable cot before settling on dimensions and pack weight. Cots are typically pretty sizeable even when packed, but some are larger than others. Think of how you’ll be transporting yourfolding cot and examine the packed size. If you’re throwing it in the back of your pickup this is likely of little concern, but if you are strapping it to packhorse or tossing it into a canoe it becomes a bigger concern. Some travel cots pack down to nearly nothing but getting such a compact package can require the folding skills of an origami master. Consider both the collapsed size and ease of use.


Camping cots alone are often comfortable, but a portable cot with an inflatable mattress or sleeping pad is even more so. Pretty much any cot will be more enjoyable than a night on the ground, but some are more comfortable than others. Look at the suspension system to get an idea of how comfortable it will be. Travle portable cots typically utilize fabric tension, springs, or some combination of the two to keep you aloft, resulting in varying degrees of firmness. If you’re a picky sleeper, look for models with adjustable crossbars that let you choose how much support you get. If you prefer a plusher sleeping environment, chose a padded model.


Make sure whatever travel cot you’re interested in is built strong enough to support whoever will likely be sleeping on it. The average camping cot is about 25 inches wide and 75 inches long when assembled. If you plan on spending the night alone, you can pretty buy any old one and hit the trail. But if you’re heading out with your significant other, look for a folding cot that can fit both of you. But keep in mind that two-person models are usually smaller than two-person beds, so thoroughly examine your sleeping habits before deciding to go this route - you may be better off with two individual camping cots if either of you is an active sleeper, and look for a plus-sized model if 25 inches seems too narrow for you.

Folding Camping Cot and Tent in One

Ever consider that your tent and your cot could be the same piece of gear? This could change the way you camp. Pros: This unit has everything you need besides your sleeping bag/bedding for a camp-out. Water-resistant model. Can also convert into an awesome lounge chair or a flat cot. Interior of the model is quite spacious and also employs noo-see-um mesh on all the windows and doors. Powder coated aluminum frame won’t degrade on you any time soon. Cons: At 32 pounds this is a pretty heavy unit to pack. Weight limit is 300 pounds which seems low considering the amount of sleeping space with this one. This is an all inclusive, easy to travel with and set up camping cot that has all the characteristics and benefits of a well built tent. This unit is even capable of converting into an awesome adjustable lounge chair or regular flat cot making it super versatile around the campground. The tent cot weighs in at 32 pounds and is 36 by 34 by 7 inches when folded up. It’s not the most compact piece of gear, but considering it’s your cot and tent this unit is fairly packable. It fits no problem into a truck bed or car trunk. The cot size is 90 by 32 inches – that’s a ton of space for any size camper. The set up is simple — just five or ten minutes of folding out legs and supports and erecting the tent body. When you want to use this unit as a lounge chair you simply collapse the tent and lay out! You gotta love the concept of this piece of camp gear!

Folding Camping Cot With Cup Holder

A classic brand name when it comes to camping, this is built tough and has some nice features. Pros: The 80 by 32 inch sleeping surface provides campers up to six feet six inches with plenty of space to sprawl out. Heavy duty steel frame and polyester fabric. The height of this travel cot (17 inches) allows you to get up and down comfortably and also allows for some gear storage underneath. Design incorporates a side table and cup holder that can be secured to either side. This unit is held open by your weight and does not “lock” into place so there’s no mechanisms or leg support systems that might become damaged. Cons: Fairly heavy camping cot at 23 pounds for it’s design. Foot pegs have the potential to damage a tent floor - try using cardboard underneath the cot feet. This is a fairly heavy duty, steel framed unit weighing in at about 23 pounds. The polyester fabric that makes up the foldingcot body is easy to clean and super durable. This travel folding cot is 80 by 32 inches, so there’s more than enough space for campers up to about six feet six inches. The weight capacity of this model is 300 pounds. The height is also quite nice at 17 inches tall allowing you to kick off your shoes and store some gear underneath. I think this is one of the best camping cots around for providing lots of sleeping space and underneath storage. This is a super easy design to set up and pack down — just unfold the unit! There’s even a side table that can be secured to either side of the cot that includes a cup holder, a simple but highly appreciated touch.

Quick Set Up Folding Camping Cot

Here’s another fold-open camping cot that is quick and easy to set up. Pros: Great size dimensions - the sleeping space on this camping cot is long, but not excessive so you can comfortably fit it inside your tent. Nice and tall height at 18 inches that also allows for gear storage underneath. Collapses into a compact storage bag for easy transort. Frame and fabrics are built durably - this is a strong cot capable of supporting up to 330 pounds. Cons: Although it’s a super quick and easy design, the joints of the frame will be hard to repair/replace in the event of a malfunction. Will be difficult to set up on uneven ground. There’s no assembly required with this unit, and it even packs into a compact carry bag. The welded steel frame can hold up to 330 pounds and the sleeping space is 78 by 31 inches. That’s a few inches shorter than the last two units, but still long enough for campers up to about six feet four inches in height. This cot furthermore employs a 600 denier polyester five-panel reinforced fabric to maintain rigidity of the sleeping surface. I like how this camping cot collapses right into the carry bag with included shoulder strap. It’s easy to assemble and easy to pack and travel with. At about 20 pounds this is still not really a camping cot you can hike or backpack with, but its compact size might make you want to try.

Folding Camping Cot With Mattress

A great cot for couples that offers an air mattress for added comfort. Ideal for beginner campus, or older folks with joint issues. Pros: Great size for camping couples and for those who want the ultimate luxury experience. Lots of crossbars to support weight but still plenty of underneath storage. Includes air mattress and battery powered pump. Built with side tables on either side of the cot. Mattress and cot collapse into a wheeled carry bag that’s great for transport. Cons: Heavy at 42 pounds. Air mattresses always have potential to puncture and leak - be careful with this one. Will be difficult to fit inside some tents. This queen sized airbed and cot frame combo are a seriously righteous value considering the cost. There’s even a 4D battery operated pump included with this purchase for use with the air mattress. If you and your camping partner are looking to really lay out in comfort, this is perhaps the best camping cot option for you. Alternatively, if you’re a solo camper who wants to sleep on the height of luxury, definitely look into this one. It might be a bit tight fitting into smaller sized tents at 78 by 59 inches but you’ll be the envy of the campground if you have space for it.

Best Folding Camping Cot for Mountaineers

It’s a compact, lightweight (4 pounds 13 ounces) camping cot option with a 300 pound weight capacity. Pros: Simple design means less problems in the long term with cot joints/poles. Packs light (4 pounds 13 ounces) and compact (17 by 7 inches). Gives you an impressive 7.5 inches of clearance from the ground. Provides more space (78 by 28 inches) and has a greater weight capacity (300 pounds) than most other ultralight cot options. Everything fits back into the carry bag easily! Cons: A bit on the expensive end. Don’t forget to consider this is built to be a long lasting product. Legs can be difficult to snap into place. Because of the force it takes to erect the legs, you could potentially damage the cot - be careful. The sleeping surface on this cot is 78 by 28 inches — as far as backpacking cots go that’s pretty spacious. An assembled height of 7.5 inches furthermore makes this ultralight cot feel more like a regular camp cot. When collapsed and packed into the carry bag, this unit is just 17 by 7 inches. The carry bag also includes a shoulder strap if you don’t plan on securing this cot to your hiking pack. The five legged aluminum frame and ripstop fabric body are simple in design and tough as nails. There’s no unique joints or segments to this camping cot which means less potential problems. Assembly is easy — just slide in the side poles and snap the leg supports into place. Fitting everything back into the carry bag is also a breeze — always appreciated when packing up for another day of hiking.

Selecting The Right Folding Camping Cot For You

Getting some space between you and the ground can increase your heat retention, keep you up and away from dangerous insects and animals and of course provide you with some extra padding and comfort depending on the unit. During those clear nights camping when you want to sleep out without your tent and get a full view of the night sky using a cot is oftentimes a must. Depending on where you're camping, even within your tent you run the risk of damaging or puncturing your sleeping pad if placing it directly on the ground. No matter how you cut it, there are all sorts of benefits to using a camping cot. We've selected five of the best camping cots for the luxury camper and also three minimalist, lighter weight units. Cots one through five have been selected with comfort in mind while cots six through nine have been chosen for their portability and ease of transport. Cot number ten is an alternative, all-inclusive tent-cot design that we wanted to turn you on to as well.

Best branded folding cots

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Marchway, Byer of Maine, Coleman.

Folding Cots Statistics

  • The most good models of camping cots are made of lightweight aluminium.
  • They are ideal for various uses, including overnight hiking, trekking, hunting, road trips, and even office lunch breaks.
  • 95% of traveller choose to use camping cots for a good night sleep while on their journey.
  • The weight of the cot is an important consideration when selecting one – the lighter the better so that it’s easy to carry around.
  • Folding camp cots generally have a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • If you are looking for a more heavy duty option, there are some models that can accommodate up to 350 pounds.
  • Most models come with a carrying case or stuff sack, which makes them easy to transport and store.
  • When not in use, they can be easily stored in a closet or garage.
  • Camping cots are also great for use at home – they make a comfortable guest bed or a place for the kids to sleep outside during summer time.

Don’t buy cheap folding camping cot

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap folding cots on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about folding cots.

What portable folding camping cots are good?

Where to Buy Cheap Small Travel Portable Camping Folding Cot Beds?

Take a look at this TOP folding cots reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget folding camping cot for sale?

The Compact Small Travel Portable Folding Camping Cot for Outdoor Travel [Marchway] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of folding cots with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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