3 Best Small Humidifiers for Bedroom Review

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Humidity is very vital to the wellbeing, as well as the house in general, and the best way to achieve this is through a compact humidifier. The impact of low humidity is felt whether in a small apartment or larger ones, therefore the need to humidify remains regardless, and is why we would be looking at the best small humidifier for bedroom. A bedroom is a place where we spend most of our time at home, and it’s also always smaller than a sitting room. The trick, therefore, is to have the best personal humidifier sitting in your most present location, and keeping the humidity up. Depending on how small the room is, the top option might be to install the best mini humidifier for the bedroom to get the desired results.

TOP Small Humidifiers Comparison Table

❑1. Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser for Home (Large Room), for Baby [Geniani]+
❑2. Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Baby Room w/Essential Oil Tray [Levoit]+
❑3. Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom [Homech]+

1. The Best Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser for Home (Large Room), for Baby [Geniani]

Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser for Home (Large Room), for Baby [Geniani] Picture

2. The Best Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Baby Room w/Essential Oil Tray [Levoit]

Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Baby Room w/Essential Oil Tray [Levoit] Picture

3. The Best Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom [Homech]

Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom [Homech] Picture

Humidifier for Bedroom Models Pros and Cons

Overall, there are the most important things to consider when purchasing best small humidifiers for bedroom. Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.
There are many dangers associated with low humidity like dry eyes, flakey and itchy skin, cold, flu, and the greatest impact being that it generally makes the body more susceptible to many infections. This further necessitates the need to have the best small bedroom humidifiers, and to aid your search, we have compiled six different products for an easier pick. Although there are several good products in the best warm mist humidifier category, we would only be considering cool mist products since it is to be used in a small bedroom. This is a list featuring ultrasonic cool mist products, which is the best humidifier for a sinus problem, although using the best evaporative humidifier is also effective. Our most recommended product on the best humidifier for bedrooms is the HuPro Pro 775 because it is very effective in humidification, has a good capacity of 3L, and very easy to maintain.

What Type of Humidifier is the Best for the Bedroom

The best type of humidifier for a bedroom are the ones that are able to effectively humidify the air while being as quiet as possible. The class of product that fits these criteria perfectly are the ultrasonic models. Ultrasonic products make use of vibrations in breaking down water droplets into fine mists, which are then released, and this makes them very quiet compared to the evaporative or vaporizer type. Their mist production rate isn’t also lagging behind too.


The most inconvenient part about using a humidifier is when the time comes to refill its water tank. The advantage of having a device with a long runtime is that these stressful moments wouldn’t come very often. It is important you purchase something that gives days between refills for comfort sake.


Due to the fact that we are considering small humidifiers for bedrooms, you shouldn’t expect high capacity from these products. However, they should be decent enough to do a proper job in the bedroom and is why we recommend a product that can serve spaces between 200sqft to 400sqft. These humidifiers usually have mist output around 200ml/h to 350ml/h.

Automatic shutoff

This is a must for humidifiers in bedrooms. The automatic shutoff protects the humidifier as well as the environment and people in it, from harm, by turning off the product when water runs out. The humidifier running while there is no water, could lead to overheating that could damage the device, or worse, start a fire.

Smart mode with timer

These features enhance the user experience by affording more flexibility while using. The smart mode automatically keeps humidity in a safe range by shifting between different speeds, while the timer allows users to choose the devices working duration.

They wouldn’t be so common in small humidifiers but exists none the less, and laying your hands on a product with such quality would be well worth it.

Quiet operation

Although its moisture output rate is paramount, it is important that the humidifier is able to also function quietly since it would be stationed in a bedroom. Purchasing a product with one of those qualities and not the other would be bad business. We would rather not choose one of the two but have both.


Aromatherapy supported humidifiers are the ones that support essential oils use. Essential oil adds a good amount of fragrance to the air, along with mist produced, to give an overall good performance. They also help ease sinuses by making breathing easier.

Best Branded Small Humidifiers

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Geniani, Levoit, Homech.


Mist output

This humidifier qualities in specifications and actual performance put it at arguably the best product for small bedrooms. Its mist generation rate isn’t excessive compared to a larger humidifier but is very effective in small-sized rooms.

In the actual specification, it is designed to serve rooms of up to 377sqft in area, which we believe is the boundary between small and medium-sized rooms, and is going to be perfect for you. In plain terms; it can work in fairly medium-sized rooms and is perfect for small bedrooms.

Being ultrasonic in nature, it is also ultra-quiet while operating, making it a good fit for light sleepers in small bedrooms, and with a digital display, users are always up to date on the present humidity level in the room. This display also possesses soft-touch buttons for user’s convenience, while adding an overall modern touch to the product.

Tank capacity with top-fill design

Its mist generation rate is backed by a tank that is able to hold up to 3L of water at maximum. This affords the humidifier a runtime of over a day, precisely 36 hours, on the lowest setting, keeping users away from regular refills.

When the time to refill finally comes, we are sure you wouldn’t find any stress in doing so. This is due to the top fill design nature of this product, which allows users to easily pop the top open and pour in water whichever way works best for you.

Filter and Aromatherapy

Asides from being a humidifier, this device also does the job of an air purifier in the home. This is a result of inbuilt air ionization filters, which generates over 300 million tons in a minute, according to the manufacturers, releasing them into the atmosphere for a safer atmosphere. It makes use of silver ions precisely, and the filter has a very impressive life span of 1 year before needing replacement.

Along with the air filtration, it also has an inbuilt aroma box, where users are able to apply a few drops of essential oils for Aromatherapy. These oils come with numerous soothing benefits, along with its primary function of a good scent.

Easy to use automatic features

Automatic features included in this humidifier includes a timer and an auto-shutoff. With the timer, users are able to choose a duration between 1 to 8 hours, for which the device would work consistently, and shut off after the time elapses.

It affords users much flexibility, as well as significantly less monitoring while the device is running. The auto-shutoff kicks in as soon as the water in the tank runs out, regardless of any other setting. This protects the device from damages as a result. Its energy-saving technology would save costs on power bills.


  • ultrasonic mode of operation makes it quiet while operating,
  • suitable for small-sized rooms of up to 377sqft,
  • comes with a large tank capacity of 3L for up to 36 hours of runtime,
  • digital LED display with touch controls,
  • remote control,
  • top fill design for easy tank refill with leakage protection,
  • easy to clean,
  • possesses a long-lasting filter with ionization function for air purification,
  • aroma box supports the use of essential oils for Aromatherapy,
  • timer feature with auto-shutoff when water runs out,
  • low energy consumption,
  • Night more for even more quiet operation and dim lights.


  • Compatible with distilled water only or you risk white duct problems.
  • The LED lights are too bright and may not go down to well with light sleepers. Although the night mode is available to remedy the problem, the mist output drops drastically in this mode.
  • Leaving the device with a far lesser impact on humidity as a result.


Smart mode and auto-shutoff

The smart mode of this product provides more than enough of what it needs to function independently. When set to this mode, the humidifier makes use of a humidistat in monitoring the atmosphere humidity, balancing it at a safe level at all times. However, users are also provided with the option of varying the mist speed output depending on needs, bypassing the smart mode function as a result.

For safety purposes, the humidifier is built with an auto-shutoff feature too, which monitors water in the tank and turns off immediately it falls very low. This is for safety against overheating that could damage the device or worse.

Mist and water tank capacity

The humidifier’s water tank capacity is 4L. This size is obviously more than enough for a small-sized bedroom, and with the functionalities and performance of this product, it can last up to 18 hours on the highest setting and up to 24 hours when on the low speed. Its mist output rate is also very excellent, and enough to serve rooms up to 220sqft in size.

Quiet operation with Aromatherapy

The operation of this unit can be characterized by one word, which is noiseless. With sound levels of 38dB, this humidifier is very quiet, and would simply blend into the room’s background noise.

For even quieter, it can be set to run in night mode, where you can turn off the LED lights completely while it works quiet enough to allow you to sleep the night even when very close to the bed.

Asides being quiet, Aromatherapy is also an important feature possessed by this unit. The include chamber behind the device allows essential oils to be used by adding a few drops

Easy refill

It also comes with a top fill design, allowing users to easily refill the tank. Refilling is simply carried out by detaching the top cover and pouring water in. Also, there is a transparent gauge on the body of the unit, which allows easy monitoring of the water level with the eyes.

You should also know that using this humidifier comes with a lot of responsibility in cleaning, especially since you have to clean several parts as recommended by the manufacturer. This is tedious to do every week. Also, there is the issue of producing white dust along with mist, when hard water is used.


  • Supports Aromatherapy,
  • a smart mode for independent operation,
  • easy to refill and clean, ultra-quiet operation,
  • auto-shutoff on an empty tank,
  • large water tank with transparent gauge for easy monitoring,
  • suitable for small areas up to 220sqft,
  • good runtime of up to 24 hours on the lowest settings.


  • requires meticulous weekly cleaning according to manufacturer’s instructions,
  • produces white dust along with the mist.


A large tank with top refill

The water tank of this humidifier stands at 4L, which helps it hold a whole lot of water for running. This tank is large enough to keep the humidifier running for up to 28hours maximum before requiring a refill. For easy refill also, it comes with a top fill design with wide dimensions, which more or less allows users to either refill the tank from the top or simply detach the whole tank and go to refill elsewhere.

360 degrees mist output

An impressive twist to the physical design of this product is a 360-degree rotatable mist output nozzle. Regular humidifier nozzles are stiff and one-directional, releasing mist compulsorily in one direction. With a rotatable nozzle, however, users can vary this output, turning towards any desired direction and giving more flexibility to users during humidification.

Humidification and Aromatherapy

Humidification is one of the strengths of this unit. Its ability to release 200 – 320ml/h of moisture is very impressive, and would do well in serving small sized rooms.

This humidification rate, coupled with a good water capacity and long runtime, makes it a very good fit for our small humidifier for the bedroom category. Its good humidification is also coupled with Aromatherapy for using essential oils, which adds a bit of relief to the mist released.

Good design with auto-shutoff

Overall, the design of this humidifier is very good looking. With a larger portion of the body of this product being transparent, this humidifier would serve as a good decoration to your home. Its transparent water tank also allows users to easily monitor the level of water left, by simply taking a look.

It operates very quietly being ultrasonic in nature and also possesses night lights that can be turned off for heavy sleepers. These good looks are also coupled with an auto-shutoff as soon as water runs out.

Despite its good qualities, this humidifier contains many curves and tight areas, which makes it very difficult to clean properly. It is also prone to scales buildups. Asides that, there are numerous complaints about this product leaking after a while. This could either be related to the cheap material used for its bottom plastic, or a problem with some flawed products.


  • large 4L transparent water tank for easy monitoring,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • long runtime of up to 28 hours,
  • Auto-shutoff on an empty tank,
  • very quiet while operating,
  • 360 degrees rotating mist output nozzle for more rounded reach,
  • very cool design,
  • good humidification of 200 – 320ml/h.


  • Numerous parts make it difficult to clean.
  • Poor bottom plastic material quality has led to several customers leading to complain about leakages after a while.
  • It lacks the timer feature.


Easy to use and refill

The design of this humidifier is compact and simple enough that it meets users’ needs, especially in the area of use and refill. Simply operated by a one-touch soft button, it’s the number of times the button is pressed, which makes the difference in function carried out.

Its water tank is located at the top half of the unit, and also has an opening at the very top too. This 8inch opening allows water to be easily refilled by the process of simply opening and pouring in.

Large tank and runtime

This humidifier is impressively able to run for up to 40 hours before requiring a refill. This stretch of time is largely down to being backed by a 4L water than, which also comes with a transparent slit on the body for easy monitoring of water level. On the highest setting, the humidifier is able to run for ten consecutive hours. Note that this run durations could be more or less depending on atmospheric conditions.

Safe operation

For optimal user safety, this unit has undergone tests from ETL, BPA, and CA65, which all passed for the various categories. This certification guarantees the humidifier would run without posing many risks. It has also been built with an auto-shutoff feature too, which is responsible for turning off the device when water runs out.

Mist output

The most generation rate of the humidifier affords it with enough capacity to serve small-sized rooms of up to 280sqft. This, coupled with having a dual 360degrees mist nozzle, allows users to both choose two specific directions in which mist would travel, as well as a more evenly spread humidification. There is a carry handle at the top of the humidifier for easy mobility, and it also operates very quietly.


  • Easy to clean and refill,
  • large 4L water tank capacity for up to 40 hours of runtime on the low and 10 hours on the high, supports Aromatherapy,
  • auto-shutoff for completely safe operation,
  • ETL listed,
  • BPA free and CA65 tested,
  • adjustable dual 360-degree nozzle,
  • good humidification helps it control humidity in rooms of up to 280sqft,
  • carry handle for easy mobility, operates very quietly.


  • lacks the timer feature.


Filter free and noiseless operation

This humidifier saves a lot of money on filter replacement over years of usage. Compared to products that use filters that need to be replaced occasionally, this humidifier’s design affords it a completely flightless operation, riding users of that regular purchase burden.

It also produces next to zero noise while operating, with a rating at less than 26dB, which is as quiet as a dehumidifier gets. This quiet nature makes it very suitable for small areas without constituting a nuisance.

Long runtime

The runtime of this device stands at 50 hours maximum. Yes, 50 hours, which is more than impressive for a humidifier, let alone one of its sizes. This extremely impressive runtime allows a single fill to last for more than two days, at least, on the lowest setting, but when running on higher speeds, there is a guarantee of over 15 hours.

The extra hours after 15 would depend on the atmospheric conditions of the home. Although the humidifier has a 4L large water tank to back up this duration, we also have to give its process credit for maximizing the best out of the water.

Simple operation with 3600 nozzle

Lacking any touch of modernity, the Homech Cool Mist Humidifier is operated with the archaic control knob. This makes it very easy to control, and it is used for the sole purpose of varying its mist output speed rate.

Also, there is also precision in its mist release, which is provided by a 360 degreed output rotating nozzle for an even output. The release system of the humidifier also enables it to push out moisture as high as 24 inches into the air, making it closer to the breathing space of its user.

The letdown about the design of this humidifier is that it lacks any touch of modern, like the timer or auto mode, although it has the auto-shutoff for safe operation. Also, its design doesn’t afford the easy to use top fill design, but rather, the tank needs to be removed and flipped upside down for a refill.


  • patented noise reduction system for quiet operation,
  • 4L large tank capacity with visible water gauge for up to 50 hours runtime,
  • the good old analog controls make it easy to operate, auto-shutoff for safety,
  • 360 degrees mist nozzle, enough humidity capacity (60 – 300ml/h) to serve up to 215sqft,
  • a filter-free operation reduces running cost.


  • bottom fill design makes it not as easy to fill as the others,
  • lacks modern automatic features like the auto mode and timer.


Ease of Use

Although not as effective in humidification as earlier products, its user convenience experience is optimal and is the major selling point of this product. This starts with a completely transparent water tank. Technically, almost half the body of this humidifier is its transparent tank, which allows easy water level monitoring through simple visuals.

This is followed by the top fill design for easy filling up of the tank with a simple open and pour in the procedure. At the top of the humidifier also, is a grip handle which is used for carrying around, in case the device is to be moved. Finally, its analog control knob is as straight forward as it gets for controls, simply turning left or right to increase or decrease speed level.

Good design

Its egg shape design with uniform body color is a beauty to behold. With curves on each side and a flat bottom and top to match, it would be good decor to add to any home. It also comes in several colors, among which are black, blue, red, and white, to allow users to choose what works best for them.

Safe and quiet operation

For completely safe operation, its system is built with the auto-shutoff, which monitors and turns off the device when water is out. The humidifier also operates very quietly, producing low noise


  • analog design makes it easy to operate,
  • easy top-fill design,
  • cool transparent water tank for easy monitoring,
  • auto shutoff, grip handle for easy mobility,
  • filter-less design for lesser running cost,
  • top fill design makes it easy to fill,
  • operates very quietly


  • Relatively small water tank of 0.5 gallons only affords it up to 20 hours in runtime,
  • hard water causes mineral scales to build up,
  • no modern features in the auto mode, and timer.

We recommend a hupro humidifier as the best product for your small bedroom. With a 3L capacity, it affords a runtime of up to 36hours, and able to serve up to 377sqft area and numerous automatic features for optimal user experience. This includes a remote control and an 8-hour timer. It caps this all off in an anti-mold design for little maintenance and energy-efficient for low power consumption and energy bills. The GENIANI product is also a good pick, with 4L water tank capacity, and a smart mode for automatic operation. It is very quiet and ideal for small-sized rooms.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about Small Humidifiers.

Q: Are small humidifiers cheap and best for home use

A: Small-sized humidifiers are relatively cheap, and the perfect for home use. However, they are more suited to be used in small areas of the home, precisely single rooms, and not for whole house purposes. They can be purchased for as low as $30, which puts it in the cheap category for the performance that would be offered. For whole-house purposes, however, you would be better off with a bigger humidifier.

Q: Are small humidifiers efficient like the whole house humidifiers

A: Setting things straight, small-sized humidifiers are not as efficient as large ones when tested across different room sizes. When both placed in a considerable room size (one which the smaller one can humidify), although they would both get the job done, big humidifiers would do it faster but might consume more water as a result. In larger areas, however, big size humidifiers easily outwit smaller ones. When comparing relative to the manufacturer’s recommended room size; however, they are both efficient but matched against one another; the big humidifiers are more efficient.

Q: How far away should a humidifier be from bed?

A: Humidifiers are recommended to be placed at least 3 feet away from the bed. Placing it too close would expose you to too much moisture, which is obviously not good for your health. Placing it too close could also affect the bed’s wooden furniture, causing humidity to accumulate on it and eventually molds. Inhaling mold-infested air would do far more harm than good.

Q: What are good small humidifiers for bedroom

A: Check please our Small Humidifiers Comparison Table.

Q: Where to buy cheap Small Humidifiers for sale

A: Take a look at this TOP Humidifier for Bedroom Kits reviewed of 2021 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

Q: What is the best Humidifier for Bedroom for money

A: The Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom & Essential Oil Diffuser for Home (Large Room), for Baby [Geniani] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of Humidifier for Bedroom with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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