6 Best Golf Tees (Unbreakable Custom Personalised)

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Last Updated June 1, 2023
Take a look at some of our favourite custom golf tees on the market. Perhaps one of the most underrated and most forgotten about pieces of golf equipment is the golf tee. We have all played with someone who has neglected to buy some and therefore they scout around every tee box and also ask you to borrow yours. But this simply should not happen because big packs of gold ball tees can be bought cheaply and conveniently. Additionally they may be forgotten about, but best personalised or custom tees are there to help on every single tee shot so there is no excuse for not having some. Whether they be wooden, plastic or rubber, green or white or even purple, colourful or printed, below we have taken a look at some of our favourites. You would think golf tees do not matter one iota in terms of your golf equipment setup but you would be wrong to think that as there are several factors to acknowledge with golf tees. The main thing with golf tees is to get the most out of your money and the product number one from our list do just that thanks to strength, durability and the big pack. We also recommend bamboo golf tees if you want to do your bit for the environment.

TOP Ball Golf Tees Comparison Table

❑1. Golf Tees & Balls Set [Team Golf]+
❑2. Professional Bamboo Golf Tees (Strong Biodegradable) [Wedge Guys]+
❑3. White Golf Tees (plastic + rubber) [Callaway]+
❑4. Blue Rubber Golf Tees [Green Keepers]+
❑5. Golf Tees (Unbreakable Plastic-Rubber) [Hireko]+
❑6. Golf Tees (White Blue) [Pride Professional Tee System]+

1. The Best Golf Tees & Balls Set [Team Golf]

Golf Tees & Balls Set [Team Golf] Picture
Full color durable imprint. Tees and balls are regulation size.

2. The Best Professional Bamboo Golf Tees (Strong Biodegradable) [Wedge Guys]

 Professional Bamboo Golf Tees (Strong Biodegradable) [Wedge Guys] Picture

3. The Best White Golf Tees (plastic + rubber) [Callaway]

White Golf Tees (plastic + rubber) [Callaway] Picture

4. The Best Blue Rubber Golf Tees [Green Keepers]

Blue Rubber Golf Tees [Green Keepers] Picture

5. The Best Golf Tees (Unbreakable Plastic-Rubber) [Hireko]

Golf Tees (Unbreakable Plastic-Rubber) [Hireko] Picture

6. The Best Golf Tees (White Blue) [Pride Professional Tee System]

Golf Tees (White Blue) [Pride Professional Tee System] Picture

Golf Tees Models

There are the most important things to consider when purchasing golf tees (unbreakable custom personalised). Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.

Best branded ball golf tees

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Team Golf, Wedge Guys, Callaway, Green Keepers, Hireko, Pride Professional Tee System.

Hardwood Golf Tees & Balls Set by Team Golf

is the total package model. This manufacturer makes excellent golf tees and this is no exception. These tees are made of 100% hardwood which makes them stronger and more durable for whatever shot you have in store for them. Additionally you get 100 of them in a pack so they should last a very long time.

Strong Biodegradable Professional Bamboo Golf Tees by Wedge Guys

is eco-friendly model. Designed to be more environmentally friendly, these tees are engineered from specific species of bamboo to ensure a stronger, longer lasting and more capable golf tee. Additionally they claim to have a gentle but strong material which allows them to be softer to your golf clubs and they are also biodegradable too.

Wooden White Short Golf Tees by Callaway

is incredibly durable product. Wooden tees are great but sometimes a good plastic set of tees will last you round after round. These tees from Callaway are a clear example of that as they claim to be virtually unbreakable and the strength of the tee means they can be put into the ground even when the ground is rock hard. Also the sharpness of the tees also make them into great groove cleaners.

Unbreakable Personalised Blue Long Golf Tees by Green Keepers

were designed to help you hit the ball further, these tees are said to improve distance in both “Robotic” and “Field” tests. The claim here is that there is less friction and resistance off the tee which boosts distance and the 6-prong tip is said to reduce ball spin too. Importantly they are incredibly durable as well so they last a long time.

Custom Wood Golf Tees by Hireko

is perfect model. These short mini-tees are perfect if you want to play awesome iron shots off the tee. One of the most common problems with playing irons off the tee is that the tee usually breaks but these Pride Professional tees are stronger because of the hardwood construction. Additionally because of the small length they are extremely easy to get into the ground and to your desired height rather than the struggle that comes with trying to get a full-length tee in the ground.

White-Blue Golf Tees by Pride Professional Tee System

are great to stand out from the crowd. Always know which tees are yours with these Champ Black Stripe golf tees which come in a variety of colours from bright pink to green. The black stripes are not just cosmetic though, as they give a clear indication of where you should tee the ball up with different clubs.

Plastic Golf Tees by Team Golf

are great for golfers who need excellent performance and control of their shots. Pros: there are several color options many will enjoy; the solid hardwood construction makes the tees very sturdy and solid; the paint is non-toxic, making them safe for golfers to handle. Cons: tees are only available in one height.

Professional Bamboo Personalised Golf Tees by Callaway

are great for heavy hitters who need something strong and stable. Pros: bamboo construction makes the tees very strong and stable, which is great for hitting long drives; the material is biodegradable, making them more eco-friendly than other options; the lacquer finish will not mark up the club, a common complaint with other tees. Cons: only comes in one color option.

Custom Golf Tees by Green Keepers

are ideal for golfers who want to launch extra long drives. Pros: blue mark on the tee allows golfers to get consistent height from their tee every time; the tees are an excellent value given the quality and the low price; the hardwood construction makes the tee very sturdy and allows golfers to hit longer tee shots. Cons: tees may break more easily than other options on the market.

Custom Blue Golf Tees by Green Keepers

are for golfers who don’t want to have to replace their tees very often. The plastic/rubber construction makes these tees more durable than most other options on the market. The angled construction promotes a lower spin, which makes longer tee shots possible. The sharpened tip makes it very easy to put the tee into the ground. Cons: generally more expensive than other options on the market.

White-Blue Golf Tees by Pride

are for golfers who don’t mind paying extra for better tee shots. Innovative 6-prong construction allows for better contact with the ball, producing better tee shots. Construction makes the tees very durable, so golfers won’t have to replace them very often. The design reduces ball spin, which gives golfers greater distance and control off the tee. Cons: more expensive than many other options on the market.

Golf Tees & Balls Set by Team Golf

is a model to spend the offseason like the pros, and by pros we mean professional football players. Hit the green and display pride for your favorite NFL team with this set of logo printed tees and balls. Choose from all 32 NFL teams and get three regulation size balls and 50 multi-colored tees measuring 2 ¾ inches. Pros: The NFL logo team ball and tees are not only easy to spot thanks to their bright colors, they also make a great gift. Cons: The set only comes with three balls only offers one size of tees.

Blue Golf Tees by Green Keepers

are great to play like the pros with this model, which features 50 of the number one rated tees on the PGA tour. The environmentally-friendly plastic tees have a low resistance tip for less friction and are aerodynamically designed for longer drives. Each set includes 40 of the more commonly used 3 ¼ inch tees and 10 of the 1 ½ inch tees. This manufacturer sells both sizes of tees separately, but we like that the combo pack is a cost-effective way to let golfers try out each tee to see which they prefer. Cons: The tees aren’t designed for hard ground and the packaging can’t be resealed and used as storage.

Don’t buy cheap golf tees

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap ball golf tees on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about ball golf tees.

What custom or personalised golf tees are good?

Check please our ball golf tees comparison table to find appropriate products for golf, etc.

Where to Buy Cheap Golf Tees (Unbreakable Custom Personalised)?

Take a look at this TOP ball golf tees reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget golf tees for sale?

The Golf Tees & Balls Set [Team Golf] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of ball golf tees for golf with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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