Best Longboards and Skateboards (+Motorized) Review

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April 1, 2021

An electric longboard, or e-board, is essentially built by taking an existing longboard, and modifying it to be self propelled using a battery operated electric motor. power of the electric motor ranges from 400 Watts all the way to 3,000. Typical electric longboards fall within the criteria — top speed (to 12mp — 26mph and more), distance (to 5 miles — 30 miles and more), pharge time (1-5 hours), Watts (400-3,000W), price (to $500 - $1,600 and more). Difference between longboard and skateboard is that a longboard is typically longer in length than a conventional skateboard. Longboards do not follow a formal length requirement. cutoff between a longboard and a skateboard is typically 91 cm (3 feet), in length, and longboards are commonly as long as 130 cm (51 inches).

Longboard for Freeriding (Drop-Through Deck, Camber Concave) by Voladore

is super flex longboard with shock absorber. Made only of natural materials. 7-Inch reverse trucks with adjustment from 45 to 50 degrees.

Bamboo Longboard/Skateboard Complete Cruiser

has multi-colors design. Rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks. Durable PU wheels with rock finish.

Drop-Through Longboard/Skateboard by Atom

is stable in ride ultra-low-riding longboard. Flexible board and good-quality bearings. Solid trucks and wheels.

Stable and Affordable Longboard/Skateboard by Atom

is pintail longboard for cruising. Ideal for beginner longboard riders. Durable 8. 5-inch aluminum trucks.

Longboard/Skateboard for Freestyle by Playshion

has strong flexible 8 ply maple deck. Solid 7 inch aluminum trucks with soft bushings. Multi-colors design.

Longboard for Downhill (Drop Deck) for beginners by Minority

has low gravity construction, super smooth ride. Durable PU wheels. Great for beginners.

Powerful Electric/Motorized Skateboard by Boosted by Blitzard

has extra traction grip tape. Speed control by Bluetooth. Design with vehicle-grade durability in mind. Max speed of up to 10 mph.Perfect for cruising, no assembly required. Easy-to-hold wireless remote panel for speed control.

Electric/Electronic Skateboard (Longboard)

has max speed of up to 17 mph, range of 6-8 miles for once. Easy-to-hold wireless remote panel for speed control.

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