5 Best Portable Outdoor Summer/Camp Solar Showers

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Last Updated February 1, 2023
Pup Up Portable Hot Water Showers (Camping System)
Portable hot water showers for camping are capable to produce from 1.5 to 11 gallons of hot water per several minutes. Some models are powered by solar technology. Heated water stays piping hot for hours so you can wash up or clean up on your schedule. These portable hot water showers are great for everything, from filling up a portable pool to washing your pets or showering off at the beach. Depends on the model some of them have a pressure system with a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings from jet stream to soaking shower. These camping hot water systems from our TOP are ideal for camping, backpacking, rafting trips, music festivals, and adventure travel, all shower components stow in a durable, trail-ready carrying case that's effortless to pack in and out. Also, you can choose from our TOP an amazing well made pop-up showers. They have a full vent in the roof, rainfly, zippered inner door, the floor on both sides - shower side floor has mesh drain. If you're planning on camping for more than a few days, and then in calm or rainy weather, invest in one model.

TOP Solar Showers Comparison Table

NameWarrantyVolume (gallons) Settings shower head Weight Hose length Dimensions, inches
❑1. Solar Camp Shower By Coleman+1.5+14.6623x13.4x8
❑2. Summer/Solar Shower for 5 Gallons+5-1.4-20x6x2
❑3. Portable Pressurized Off Grid Shower for 2 Gallons+2+8.8-14x16x14
❑4. Outdoor Solar Shower (Changing 2-Room Shelter Tent)+--20.1--
❑5. Off Grid Portable Shower with Foot Pump+3+1.6711x10x6

1. The Best Solar Camp Shower By Coleman

Solar Camp Shower By Coleman Picture
5 gallons/min. Handy on/off valve connected to shower head.

2. The Best Summer/Solar Shower for 5 Gallons

Summer/Solar Shower for 5 Gallons Picture

3. The Best Portable Pressurized Off Grid Shower for 2 Gallons

Portable Pressurized Off Grid Shower for 2 Gallons Picture

4. The Best Outdoor Solar Shower (Changing 2-Room Shelter Tent)

Outdoor Solar Shower (Changing 2-Room Shelter Tent) Picture

5. The Best Off Grid Portable Shower with Foot Pump

Off Grid Portable Shower with Foot Pump Picture

Pup Up Portable Hot Water Shower Models

There are the most important things to consider when purchasing portable outdoor summer/camp solar showers. Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.

Best branded solar showers

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Ivation, Kedsum, Advanced Elements, Coghlan's, GigaTent, Nemo, VIGLT, Texsport.

Battery Powered Portable Outdoor 12v Shower [Ivation]

Portable model with versatile installation. Rechargeable battery operated indoor/outdoor shower with s-style hook and suction cup for versatile use. WHAT WE LIKE: The Ivation Portable Outdoor 12v shower can be used with an adapter up to 12V. We liked that this portable pop up shower can be hung by the s-style hook and the suction cup included. This portable shower has an easy on/off switch with one simple flow rate for quick, easy showers. This product is compact and easy to store away for camping, travel, and even pet grooming.

Portable 12v Shower Shower for Camping, Hiking, Traveling [Kedsum]

Portable model with pressurized sprayer. This model has two detachable USB rechargeable batteries with a bonus pressurized small sprayer for precise cleaning. WHAT WE LIKE: The KEDSUM Portable Camping Shower comes with two detachable USB rechargeable 2200mAH batteries. We liked that this portable 12v shower provides a steady stream of water for up to two hours with two batteries. It is easy to use and the product design protects the batteries from water. The extra small sprayer included is great to use when washing windows and cleaning outdoor items.

Portable Hot Water Shower for Camping [Advanced Elements]

Portable Shower With Velcro Storage. 2.5-gallon portable shower with temperature gauge, designed to heat water via the sun for warm, outdoor showers. WHAT WE LIKE: The Advanced Elements 2.5 Gallon Summer Shower has an extra-large filling valve with a twist-off cap. We liked that this portable hot water shower has convenient Velcro straps that hold shampoo and soap for easy access. The portable shower can be rolled up for easy storage while camping and doing outdoor activities or when not in use.

Solar Heated Camp Pop Up Shower [Coghlan's]

Compact portable solar shower. Lightweight, compact 5-gallon portable hot water shower for camping with an easy-to-use sprayer for clean outdoor use. WHAT WE LIKE: The Coghlan’s Solar Heated Camp Shower holds five gallons of water that last for three to four showers. We liked that this portable shower is simple, lightweight, and easy to use. The water can be warmed by the sun, making this a quick setup once outdoors. The clear, flexible hose with a sprayer is perfect for a quick spray down.

Lightweight Sturdy Foldable Portable Hot Water Shower for Camping [GigaTent]

Pop-up shower cubicle. Quick and easy to set up, this full-height camping hot water system can be transformed into your very own outside bathroom. Complete with its very own camping carry bag, this pop-up privacy tent can be set up in an instant and taken down just as quickly when it is time to go. Tall enough to allow an adult to stand upright, it has a flexible steel frame and has been engineered to last through many uses. Included in the pack are stainless steel stakes to keep it firmly attached to the ground, and the water-resistant polyester fabric has been designed to remain strong, sturdy, and waterproof at all times.

Pressure Portable Hot Water Shower [Nemo]

A pressurized shower spray that comes complete with its own carry case, nozzle, and foot pump. This portable hot water shower is an excellent alternative to traditional gravity showers, and the pressurized spray allows you to wash your hair, do the dishes, rinse off your gear, or even hose down your dog. With a 2.9-gallon water tank, you can quickly and easily pressurize the pump using the foot pump and enjoy up to 7 minutes of strong continuous spray. Super quick and easy setup, it just needs to be filled with water and left in the sun, and the 7-foot neoprene hose is long enough to hold over your head for a refreshing full body shower.

Portable Pop Up Shower for Camping Traveling Hiking [VIGLT]

Eco-friendly and durable model. Enjoy up to 5 gallons of sun-warmed water in just a few hours with this brilliant portable solar shower bag. Ultra-lightweight and easy to carry, this portable hot water shower for camping is made from a black PVC material that offers excellent absorption to ensure the sun warms up the water in just 3 hours. With no water leakage guaranteed and a 5-gallon capacity, this shower bag is simple to use and incredibly environmentally friendly. Offering enough water to allow you to relax and unwind in an 8-minute shower, this is an incredibly durable and well-built water container that can be transformed into a full-body shower using the attached shower hose and nozzle.

Portable Outdoor Camping Hot Water System [Texsport]

Heavy-duty and waterproof model. This well-ventilated cubicle with its very own shower rack and towel rail will give you the luxury of your own shower room. Enjoy the ultimate in outdoor showering with this 5-gallon camp pop up shower that comes complete with a mesh shower rack and a removable hanging towel bar. With a large, zippered D-style door, heavy-duty polyurethane-coated wall and rainfly, and a removable ripstop polyethylene floor, this is a tough and sturdy shower cubicle. The 2 no-see-um mesh windows help to keep the cubicle well-ventilated while still retaining your privacy, and the mesh roof sky panels and rainfly skylights let the air circulate to prevent the build-up of mold and mildew.

Don’t buy cheap pup up portable hot water shower

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap solar showers on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about solar showers.

What pup up portable hot water showers (camping system) are good?

Where to Buy Cheap Portable Outdoor Summer/Camp Solar Showers?

Take a look at this TOP solar showers reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget pup up portable hot water shower for sale?

The Solar Camp Shower By Coleman is our Editor's Choice as the best model of solar showers with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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  1. I had never used a solar shower before purchasing the Coleman shower. It has changed the way I go camping and adventuring. I am not one who stays very long in the same place and I love that this can help me achieve that.

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