3 Best California King Bed Mattresses (Memory Foam) Review

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Last Updated September 1, 2022
We spend a great deal of our lives laying in bed – in fact, we spend about one-third of our entire lives on our mattress. This means that over the next 30 years, you will spend approximately 10 of those years in your bed. With the amount of time we spend laying on our mattress, it should come as no surprise that owning a quality mattress is vital for your health. King beds are great for those who like to spread out a little, but it’s only wider than a queen bed, not longer. If you’re more than a few inches over six-feet tall, you probably have noticed this similarity. That’s where a California king mattress comes in. The quality of your sleep depends a great deal on your mattress. You want a mattress that will contour and cradle your body to eliminate pressure-points and reduce back and neck pain; and, thankfully, memory foam reigns supreme in each one of these categories. If you are ready to give your body the exact amount of support and comfort that it needs each night, continue reading to find out our picks for the best California king memory foam mattress on the market. If you enjoy the hug-like comfort of memory foam, but still need a little bounce in your mattress, then a hybrid mattress is the perfect choice for you. Hybrid mattresses combine coils and foam to provide sleepers with the sturdy support of classic innerspring mattresses as well as the plush, body contouring of foam.

TOP Cal King Mattresses Comparison Table

❑1. Polyester Foam California King Mattress [Tuft & Needle]+
❑2. 12" Memory Foam Cal King Mattress+
❑3. California King Bed Mattress w/7-Inch Incline Foam Support [Avana]+

1. The Best Polyester Foam California King Mattress [Tuft & Needle]

Polyester Foam California King Mattress [Tuft & Needle] Picture

2. The Best 12" Memory Foam Cal King Mattress


3. The Best California King Bed Mattress w/7-Inch Incline Foam Support [Avana]

California King Bed Mattress w/7-Inch Incline Foam Support [Avana] Picture
Memory foam is a much-loved bedding material thanks to its ability to contour sleepers and evenly distribute weight. Sleeping on a new California king memory foam mattress will help to reduce pain, improve sleep quality, and leave you waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. To find the best California king memory foam mattress for your preferences and needs, ask yourself the following questions:

Does this Cal king mattress come with a sleep trial?

When you are purchasing something as important as a mattress, you want to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase. And, when you shop online, you cannot try the mattress out before you buy it. Thankfully, many manufacturers offer a sleep trial. Find a sleep trial of at least 100 days to make sure that you absolutely love your new mattress after the break-in period is over.

What type of memory foam is used?

Memory foam can be found in three main types: traditional, plant-based, and cool gel.

Traditional memory foam.

Traditional memory foam is exactly what it sounds like and really hasn’t changed much over the years. The original memory foam is made from petroleum-based products and is known for superior pressure-relief as well as poor temperature regulation.

Plant-based memory foam.

Plant-based memory foam replaces a portion of the petroleum products with plant-derived oils in the foam’s manufacturing process. Plant-based memory foams are considered more eco-friendly then traditional memory foam. Also, certain plant oils offer differ benefits to the sleeper. For example, bamboo, charcoal, and green tea based memory foams all offer an improved level of breathability, temperature regulation, and odor control.

Cool gel memory foam.

Gel-infused memory foam is excellent for anyone who sleeps hot or lives in a hot climate thanks to its next-level cooling powers. This foam is infused with a cooling gel that helps dissipate body heat and keep your sleep surface cool.

What is my budget for new Cal king mattress?

It is incredibly important to pre-set a budget before you start shopping for a new memory foam mattress so you can narrow down your options by price when shopping.

Fun Facts About California King Mattresses

Your brain isn’t the only thing that restores itself during a good night’s sleep. Your body also rids itself of dead skin cells, and those cells end up in your pillow, bedding and mattress. To help with this, you should wash your bedding in hot water at least once a week, including your pillowcases. During sleep, other body processes are halted, including the production of urine, which is why you might notice a darker color in the bowl during that first trip to the bathroom each morning. During REM sleep, your body also enters a state of paralysis to prevent moving around while you’re dreaming.

Tip and Advice

Before you start shopping for a mattress, think about what you need. If you have a bad back or other aches and pains, you’ll need support. A mattress that causes you to sink into the bed may only exacerbate your issues. You should also consider how you sleep. If you spend most of the night on your side, for instance, a mattress that conforms to your shape like one made from soft foam could work better for you. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, will find a firmer mattress less suffocating. You’ll see bounce mentioned quite often with mattresses. There are pros and cons to having that extra bounce. A mattress with less spring can make you feel as though your movements are limited. However, if you sleep with someone else, that bounciness can become a nuisance, with the bed shaking every time the other person moves. Foam offers more cushioning than springs with padding, but it comes with a downside. Foam can tend to increase your body heat, making you uncomfortable while you sleep. For that reason, many manufacturers use gel to cool things off. If you’re ordering your mattress online, keep in mind that some mattresses need time to unpack. Those that come in a box have to be removed and left to gradually decompress over the hours, and sometimes days, that follows. Online mattresses also may release some chemicals after being unpacked. This is known as off-gassing and is common in manufactured products like memory foam. Some people find the chemical smell while this is happening unpleasant, so you may want to unpack your mattress in a well-ventilated room. Open some windows when you can and allow a couple of days before setting your mattress up and covering it with bedding. Keep in mind that different mattresses have varying thicknesses. If you’re buying a California king bed for the first time, you’ll probably need to purchase sheets to accommodate the new length, but also keep in mind that your fitted sheets will need to be made to fit the thickness of the mattress you choose. Also keep in mind that other items you currently use, like blankets, duvets and comforters, might not accommodate the longer build of a California king bed and replace those if necessary. Although California king mattresses can be pricey, you can find lower-priced online mattresses if you aren’t picky about comfort levels. If you’re buying a mattress for a dorm room or first apartment, this is a great way to save money. Durability is important in a mattress, but keep in mind that for optimum comfort, experts recommend replacing your mattress every 10 years. Some mattresses have covers you can remove and wash. If yours doesn’t come with one, you can separately purchase a mattress cover that will help you maintain a hygienic environment. You probably won’t have to move your mattress very often but consider how difficult your mattress will be to maneuver if you rearrange your furnishings or relocate on a fairly frequent basis. Some mattresses specialize in emitting a subtle scent, such as green tea. If you prefer to fill your home with pleasant smells, this may be a good option for you.

What California King Hybrid Mattress is?

Thanks to the supportive core coils and layers of comfort foam, these mattresses are loved by sleepers of all styles and positions. Hybrid mattresses offer excellent air flow, improved spinal support, and superior responsiveness to motion, so there is no doubt that you will love sleeping on a hybrid mattress. So, are you ready to kick your old, beat up mattress to the curb and upgrade to a California king size hybrid mattress? If so, you’re in luck because we’ve spent many hours testing hybrid mattresses to find the best one for every budget and every lifestyle. Keep reading to find out our picks for the best California king size hybrid mattress available today. To find the best California king hybrid mattress, take the following into consideration.

What type of hybrid mattress do you want?

It is extremely important to consider the construction of your next hybrid mattress. There are three main types of hybrid mattresses to pick from: True Hybrid: If a hybrid mattress is constructed using only coils and foams, then it is a true hybrid mattress. Here at Mattress Advisor, we find that true hybrids are exceptionally supportive and are best for sleepers who don’t really care for either all-foam mattresses or traditional innerspring mattresses. Semi-Hybrid: Like true hybrids, semi-hybrids feature a base layer of innerspring coils, however, they lack the foam layers. Instead, semi-hybrids use a thick pillow-top cover to help improve the mattress’ softness. These mattresses lack the pressure-relieving power of memory foam, so if that is something you desire then we recommend skipping over semi-hybrids. Foam Hybrid: Foam hybrid mattresses do not have any innerspring coils in their construction; instead, they use a firm base layer of foam topped with other layers of memory and poly foams.

What type of foam do you want?

While shopping for a hybrid mattress, you will find that most of these mattresses use layers of memory foam in their construction. Memory foam is a much-loved material in mattresses because it offers exceptional body contouring and pressure relief. In general, you will find the three following types of memory foam: Traditional. Traditional memory foam was originally made for NASA airplane seats in the mid-1960s. It is made of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals that increase viscosity and density. Plant-based. Plant-based, or bio-based, memory foams replace some of the chemicals in memory foam with plant-derived ingredients. Some of the most common plant-derived ingredients include bamboo, charcoal, coconut, soy, and other plant materials. Also, different plant-derived ingredients offer different benefits. For example, both green tea and charcoal have excellent odor blocking properties, while bamboo foam has a far higher level of breathability. Plus, this type of foam is manufactured with a smaller footprint than traditional memory foam. Gel-infused. Cool gel memory foam is the perfect option for anyone who wants the comfort of memory foam but finds that memory foam mattresses sleep hot. This type of foam features a gel infusion that disperses a sleeper’s body heat and keeps the mattress cool to the touch.

How firm do you prefer your mattress?

The firmness level of your perfect California king hybrid mattress is completely based on personal preference. Hybrid mattresses typically offer between a medium to a firm-feel and the manufacturers list the firmness level, however, to gain a more accurate understanding of a mattress’ firmness, read the customer reviews.

What’s your budget?

A quality California king hybrid mattress does not have to cost a fortune. And, regardless of whether you want to spend a little money or a lot of money, you don’t’ want to be blindsided when it comes to check-out time. The price of a California king hybrid mattress has a huge range, so make sure you decide upon a budget and price range beforehand. After a good night’s sleep, the best California king size hybrid mattress will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for all of life’s challenges. Make sure to use our tips and tricks to ensure that you find the perfect California king hybrid mattress for your preferences. If you’re buying a mattress, you’ve probably given the size a great deal of consideration and realized how badly you want to buy a king. The king mattress gives you (and your sleeping partner) plenty of space to stretch your legs, roll around, and just sleep comfortably – and you deserve that! So, why wouldn’t you buy a king? Probably because you’re under the impression that kings cost a small fortune. Thankfully, you do not need to spend a ton of money to get the king bed that you deserve. To help you in your search for an affordable yet luxurious king size bed, we’ve compiled a list of the best king mattresses on the market today.

How to choose the best king mattress

When choosing the best king mattress, you want to do the following: Establish your budget; Read the return policy. Choose one with a 100+ day return window; Decide your ideal firmness. Make sure you take your weight into consideration, overweight sleepers should be shopping for firmer and more supportive mattresses.

Best branded cal king mattresses

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Tuft & Needle, Avana.

Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch California King Mattress with BONUS 2 Pillows by Classic Brands.

What is better than a quality mattress? A quality mattress with quality pillows – and Classic Brands’ gel-infused memory foam mattress is here to prove it. This 14” mattress comes with two free shredded memory foam pillows to help improve your sleep experience without breaking the bank. The mattress is made up of three layers of premium memory foam: a 9” layer of high-density base foam for a sturdy foundation, a 2” layer of cool gel support foam for rebound and bound, and a 3” layer of cool gel memory foam for a cool, contouring sleep surface. The gel-infused memory foams provide sleepers with a cool sleep surface and a superior level of air circulation, two areas that traditional memory foam famously fails in. The Classic Brands mattress offers a medium-plush feel and is wrapped in a super soft and breathable knit cover. Pros: Comes with two shredded memory foam pillows; Maintains a cool sleep surface. Cons: Expansion time can be over 72.

Original California King Mattress by TUFT & NEEDLE

is best pressure relief model that proves exactly why and how the manufacturer became such an unstoppable powerhouse in the world of mattresses and bedding. The 10” mattress features a thick base layer of Tuft & Needle’s proprietary T&N Adaptive foam, which provides exceptional pressure relief without feeling like you’re sinking into quicksand. Also, this foam features two important infusions: a heat-wicking graphite infusion and a cooling gel infusion which lead to a perfectly temperate sleep experience. The thick layer of T&N Adaptive foam is topped with a layer of support foam and wrapped in a breathable cover to create this ultra-comfy, ultra-supportive mattress. Pros: 100 night sleep trial; Excellent heat-wicking properties. Cons: Can be considered pricey.

12 Inch Chime Express Memory Foam California King Mattress by Ashley Signature Design

is best for plus size sleepers that hat superior support and offers sleepers an exceptionally supportive sleep surface that is perfect for heavier sleepers or for people who prefer firmer mattresses. The mattress includes a 10” base layer of green tea-infused memory foam that features a ventilated design. Thanks to the natural odor eliminating power of green tea, plus the ventilated design, this base layer will help prevent odor buildup over the years. On top of the 10”, plant-based memory foam layer lies a 2” layer of gel and charcoal-infused memory foam that helps to disperse body heat, maintain a cool sleep surface, and fight against odors, all while providing sleepers with body contouring and pressure relief. The mattress is covered in a hypoallergenic stretch knit cover that will prevent overheating and night sweats. Those who need an extra supportive mattress can benefit from this California King mattress. Quilted foam provides a comfortable sleep, built for those who like a less firm mattress. It will take a couple of days to reach its full size once you’ve unboxed it, so factor that in if you’re buying for a specific occasion. Pros: Great for back pain relief; Compatible with adjustable bases. Cons: Poor edge-support.

8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid California King Mattress by Linenspa

is best budget model that has an innerspring that promotes bounce, responding quickly as you switch positions.. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress that comes with all the benefits of pricier models, but do not want to spend a small fortune, then look no further than Linenspa’s 8” hybrid memory foam mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds by utilizing both traditional innerspring coils as well as memory foam in its construction. This mattress features a supportive base of thick tempered steel coils that is topped with a plush layer of comfort foam and wrapped in a quilted memory foam topper. Overall, the Linenspa 8” hybrid combines the pressure-relieving abilities of memory foam with the support of a traditional innerspring mattress for a medium-firm feel and ultra-comfortable mattress at a fraction of the cost. It is thick, making it easier to set up than thicker models. You’ll get great bounce, thanks to its innerspring system, so you won’t have that “stuck-in-the mud” feeling you get with less responsive mattresses. It also has great temperature neutrality for those who tend to easily overheat while sleeping. Pros: Hybrid construction; Medium-firm feel; Very competitive price points. Cons: 8” profile found to thin for many sleepers; Too firm for sleepers who prefer a plush to medium feel.

10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top California King Memory Foam Mattress by Olee Sleep

maintains its shape. You'll get years of comfortable sleep with this California King mattress, which maintains its shape well. As comfortable as memory foam can be, an ongoing problem is the indentation many mattresses get after months of having weight on them. This California King mattress holds up well, maintaining its comfort even after months of sleeping on it. It even sets up in just four easy steps.

Cool Gel Quilted Memory Foam 14-Inch California King Mattress by Classic Brands

is best for hot sleepers, cool and breathable. It infuses its memory foam with cool gel to help regulate body temperature while you sleep and it uses the latest technology to give you both comfort and body temperature regulation. You can remove and wash the cover as needed to help keep your sleeping surface as clean as possible. The high-density base foam is designed to support your body while also keeping you comfortable.

12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Twin California King Mattress by Zinus

is great for dual sleepers (couples) that isolates movement, keeping you from enduring another sleeper tossing and turning. The design of this California King mattress is great for multiple sleepers, thanks to a design that keeps bounce to a minimum. The mattress is infused with green tea to emit a pleasant, relaxing odor. It has a classic memory foam feel that is both supportive and comfortable.

12-Inch Gel Memory Foam California King Mattress by Vibe

has layers of gel and foam. It combines gel with foam for a comfortable, supportive sleeping experience. With this model, you get five full layers of gel-infused foam to support you while also keeping you cool. It keeps motion to a minimum by the foam reshaping itself as you move. It can be used with an adjustable bed base and needs deep fitted sheets to accommodate its extra height.

10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring California King Hybrid Mattress by Linenspa.

If you’re in the market for a memory foam mattress that offers all the bells and whistles of the pricier models but doesn’t tote the hefty price tag, then Linenspa’s 10” California king size hybrid mattress has got you covered. While most of the hybrids you will come across combine innerspring coils with memory foam or poly foam, the Cool Gel mattress by Classic Brands uses different types of foams to create their fully-foam hybrid mattress. This affordable yet supportive mattress is made up of a thick, tempered steel coil base covered in layers of comfort foam and memory foam, and wrapped in a plush memory foam topper. Overall, the Linenspa 10” hybrid mattress offers a medium-feel and provides sleepers with the pain relief of memory foam and the support of traditional innerspring on a budget. Pros: Very low price tag; Medium feel is comfortable by most sleepers. Cons: Foam layers are thin.

12 Inch Foam and Spring California King Mattress (Mattress-in-a-Box) by Zinus.

It's features an impressive construction and design which will keep this mattress feeling and smelling fresh for years to come. Whether you have kids, pets, or none of the above, it’s really hard to keep a mattress fresh. Spills, accidents, pet odors, and just day to day use all cause a buildup of odors during a mattress’s life; but, thanks to the green tea and castor seed oil-infused foam that’s featured in this Zinus mattress, you won’t have to work to keep your mattress smelling fresh. The mattress is constructed with a 6” innerspring support base, 4” of ViscoLatex foam, and 1.2” of high-density memory foam, all covered in a soft jacquard knit and resulting in a comfortable mattress with a medium-feel. The mattress is made up of a 9” layer of high-density base foam, a 2” layer of cool gel support foam, and a 3” layer of cool gel-infused memory foam. The cool gel memory foam offers sleepers superior air circulation and a cool sleep surface to prevent overheating and night sweats. This Classic Brands mattress has a medium-plush feel and even comes with two shredded memory foam pillows. Pros: Easy to unpack; Quick inflation time. Cons: Feels firmer than a medium-feel; Poor manufacturer customer service.

12 Inch California King Latex Hybrid Mattress by LUCID.

Thanks to its latex hybrid construction, this 12” mattress from Lucid will have you wanting to hit the snooze and stay in bed each morning. The medium-firm mattress features a 6.5” layer of individually encased steel coils that responds to movement, improves airflow, and provides a sturdy base for the layers of foam. The steel coils are wrapped in a thick foam for edge support and topped with a 2” layer of support foam as well as a 3.5” gel and latex-infused memory foam blend. The 3.5” layer of latex-infused memory foam is the real star of the show, as it provides the responsive support and conforming comfort of memory foam with the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of latex. Pros: Features a hypoallergenic latex foam layer for breathability; Gel-infused foam helps keep sleep surface cool. Cons: Heavy; Complaints that it is too firm.

Don’t buy cheap california king bed mattress

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap cal king mattresses on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about cal king mattresses.

How often should I buy a new mattress?

It is recommended that you purchase a new mattress at least every 7 to 10 years. But if you think that you mattress is causing you back pain or sleeping issues, buying a new mattress should definitely be on your to-do list!

How long does it take to break in a new mattress?

New mattresses need time to fully take shape and adjust to your body. The break in period can last up to 30 days – and may even last longer. Thankfully, most mattress companies offer a trial period of 100+ nights.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

This question is completely personal. It depends on how fancy of a mattress you are looking for and what you can afford. Historically, mattresses have cost a pretty penny – but, it really isn’t like that anymore. Nowadays, you can easily find a quality mattress that is within your preferred budget.

What is the difference between a king and California king mattress?

Surprisingly, a king mattress has a larger surface area than a California king. In fact, a California king has the same width as a queen but it’s 4 inches longer, making it the longest mattress out there. A king has the same length as a queen, but is wider, so you get more space between sleepers. On average, we sleep for roughly one-third of our lives, therefore, the mattress that you sleep on every night is vital to your health and happiness. When you make your next mattress purchase, use our list of the best king-size mattresses and make sure that you pick the perfect mattress.

What california king bed mattresses are good?

Where to Buy Cheap California King Bed Mattresses (Memory Foam)?

Take a look at this TOP cal king mattresses reviewed of 2022 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget california king bed mattress for sale?

The Polyester Foam California King Mattress [Tuft & Needle] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of cal king mattresses with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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  1. The split design of Avana California King Mattress allows for easier placement and removal between mattress and box spring. The full-bed length provides additional mattress stability and supports enjoying the full comfort. As for odor – the only solution is to let the mattress outgas for a few weeks. If there is somewhere outside you could put the mattress on, that would be best. Eventually, the smell will go away.

  2. I now have two of Hybrid Medium-Firm California King Mattress by Linenspa in my home for my two children, I just laid a bedsheet in the driveway and inspected the vacuum-sealed wrap – just a nice clean beautiful mattress. No issues now, kids happy!

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