A Perfect Day with My Boat

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

As we drive through the archway with “Rockport” painted in a gold guild, my dog begins to twitch next to me, doing her “happy dance”. She shoves her nose out of the window which is open just a few inches and sniffs deeply, breathing in the fresh sea air. We drive slowly past St. Brendan’s Catholic Church, turning left at the iconic Boathouse Inn. We pull into the parking lot of Rockport Boat Tours, just opposite the boat launch. My grandfather is already there, preparing the boat for its first voyage of the season.

I get out of our SUV and walk over to the boat trailer. I double-check to be sure the stern lines are secure and that the bow line is attached. A few years ago, we were in a hurry to launch the boat and we forgot to attach the bow line. I watched as our boat rose from the trailer and began to drift out into the harbor, the motor refusing to start. My grandfather looked helpless in the drifting boat, no bow line to toss to me. Moving quickly, I grabbed the starting ether, jumped into the frigid, fifty-four-degree water, and swam to the boat. By the time I got into the boat and got the motor started, I couldn’t feel my legs. Water temperatures during the spring in the St. Lawrence River can cause hypothermia in mere minutes. The bow line is attached this time, so we are ready to launch.
My grandfather puts down the swim platform ladder and climbs into the boat. He puts the ladder up and sits down in the driver’s seat. He is ready. I quickly take off my socks and shoes, placing them off to the side for later. I roll up my pant legs, then signal to my mom that I am ready for her to back the trailer down the boat launch and into the water.


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